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Mirela Duras
Posted by Mirela Duras on Jan 27, 2022 12:16:00 PM

Building Safety Series – The Works: Webinar 3 - the Golden Thread

The British Property Federation and Ark are working in partnership to provide a support programme for businesses that will be grappling with the implementation of the Building Safety Bill. 

During the third webinar in the Building Safety Series - The Works, we explored the "Golden Thread".

If you missed the webinar live or would like to watch it again, here is the replay:


The webinar was chaired by Ian Fletcher from the British Property Federation and the speakers included David Hills from Ark, Katherine Metcalfe from Pinsent Masons and Laura Bryant from Greystar Europe.

Here is a snippet of what David covered during the webinar

Following the Grenfell tower tragedy,  the Government appointed Dame Judith Hackitt to lead an independent review of building regulations and fire safety.

In her report, Dame Judith recommended the introduction of a ‘golden thread’ of information. 

The golden thread is, by her definition, a tool to manage buildings as “holistic systems” and allow people to use information to safely and effectively design, construct and operate their buildings.

Dame Judith stated that ‘a robust golden thread of key information should be ‘passed across to future building owners to underpin more effective safety management throughout the building life cycle’.

Building Safety Series – The Works Webinar 3 - the Golden Thread

These recommendations were designed to address the problems within the industry regarding the evidence found that indicated key information was not being effectively managed.

So, the powers to mandate the golden thread can be found in the Bill which is the primary legislation – which sets out the high level requirements for creating, obtaining, storing and sharing these key documents. 

We then have secondary legislation which is in the form of the regulations and as stated before, support the implementation of the bill. This defines the principles the Accountable Person must follow in maintaining and storing their golden thread information...

Watch the replay above for more insights.

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