The Golden Thread Explained

David Hills
Posted by David Hills on Apr 5, 2024 3:50:17 PM

Demystifying the Golden Thread

The Building Safety Act 2022 introduces a set of new roles and responsibilities for people who own occupied high-rise residential buildings (i.e. <18m in height or 7 or more stories). Those who are responsible for these buildings are required to obtain, hold and provide information and systems relating to the building and how building safety is managed, known as The Golden Thread. 


This Video Covers:
What is The Golden Thread 
✅ What information and documentation is required 
✅ Keeping of information 
✅ Consequences and implications 
✅ Advice from Ark 

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 This video is part of the Ark Workplace series of informative videos on the key elements of, the Building Safety Act 2022, the new Building Safety Regime and any associated guidance. 

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